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Saturday, October 1, 2011

What is colic ?

Already a mother of twins, Delphine imagined that the arrival of her third child would happen in serenity. But Jean has colic just changed the game !

Bebevallee: At what age your son he started to suffer from colic ?

Delphine: About three or four weeks. He began to cry during the day.He was squirming all over the place, and that's a sign that I recognized that he had colic. It really seemed to suffer from stomach.

What did you do for relief ?

Actually, I tried everything! I started by giving an herbal remedy sold in pharmacies. I also administered because it Gaviscon regurgitation. I made him take Doliprane to relieve pain. I rub her belly. I even went to an osteopath who has done a few sessions of manipulation.

What were the most effective remedies ?

It's hard to say because I just did everything together, I just could not let him suffer like this because it was obvious he was suffering. What I noticed is that he calmed down when I took against me, her belly against my skin. So, I wore constantly baby carrier, which allowed me to have a free hand to look after my twins were just two years. It was not very pleasant for adults, not very convenient for me, but at least it allowed John to calm down! Against me, he recovered his composure .... I had also known as "graft" !

When colic were they arrested ?

When John was 3 months and a half or so. It was quite miraculous in the space of a week or two, colic is gone and he stopped to suffer.Jean became a baby calm and quiet, it has remained ever since! He's always a calm and serene, what would never have suspected, seeing between 1 and 3 months !

How have you lived through that period of colic ?

I was not worried about his health, which was already an important point. However, these two / three months have been very physically demanding. I was really exhausted. I had imagined that the arrival of the third would be so easy after twins, I really fell in height! I was distraught to see my son suffer, when I had not encountered such difficulties with my first two.

What would you say to mothers whose babies suffer from colic ?

Simply, is that this is a purely mechanical and that one should draw any conclusions about the character of the child and its future development! The repeated cry of my son during those two months did not prevent him from becoming a father when his intestines still gave him the break! I also remember that some people around me were shocked that I keep Jean pressed against me for days. "It is capricious," I was told. What I noticed is that it has become very independent when he was old enough to explore the world, and that these two months of my proximity to him in any way have given the wrong habits! Colic is a bad time to pass, that does not last. You just bite the bullet and wait it out without panic.


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