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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How To Feed Your Baby

Find out how to feed your baby ?

Baby is there and you wonder how to feed your child. Indeed, the infant nutritional needs differ from those of an adult. We must therefore adapt feeding your baby to their specific needs to ensure balanced growth. 

Sometimes your baby meets little annoyances, it should always be treated with caution. Often they are easy to solve, however, if the problem were to persist, consult your doctor.

Baby sleeps a lot, should we wake him up to feed him ? 

As the weight curve is satisfactory, there is no need to worry, let it sleep so long as he wants.How do I know if my child is getting enough milk? How to ensure that baby has drunk enough for a meal?To see if your child receives the quantities of milk it needs, just observe it. If he gains weight and do not cry after feeding, it is getting enough milk. Weighing a week or a month is enough to reassure you. 

What if my baby is bloated, a colic, a stomach ache ? 

The term "colic" means abdominal pain caused by gas in the intestine. They are frequent (more than half of babies suffer from colic) and often benign.They disappear naturally to 3-4 months. The cause is not well defined but are related to the digestive immaturity of a baby, or an excessive intake of air during feeding. To relieve baby, be sure to let stand the bottle after preparation to remove air bubbles. Check the throughput of the nipple, give the bottle slowly and make sure to make many baby burping to remove swallowed air. You can rock it, positioning it flat on one hand. You can rub her belly. This is often soothing but feel free to talk to your doctor who will check if colic do not reflect a digestive disease. 

My baby has hiccups, how to help him calm down ? 

Having the hiccups for a baby has nothing to worry about. If it lasts, you can put your baby to nurse and cuddle until the hiccups stop. 

My baby spits up, what to do ?

Regurgitation often accompany the rot. It is a natural way to get rid of the overflow of milk for the baby who drank too fast or too much. When baby effortlessly returns some fresh milk, and if growth is normal and his hunger sated, there is no cause for concern: the regurgitation disappeared late in the first year.However, if regurgitation is abnormal is to say, heavy or frequent or occurring at any time of day or night or as soon as baby changes position, the cause must be sought and you should consult your doctor . inconvenience.
My baby threw up all his food, what should I do ? 

Unlike regurgitation, a baby vomits, through the mouth expelling large amounts even his entire meal is unusual. We must see a doctor because these symptoms are often caused by disease. 

What if my baby has diarrhea ?

Your child has diarrhea if his stools are more frequent (3-8 times a day) and more liquid. Diarrhea can be caused by a virus, bacteria and may also coincide with teething or other type of ear infections ... Whatever the cause, we must compensate for water loss at the first sign to avoid dehydration. Give water or water associated with rehydration solution is the first step of an emergency. We must see a doctor as soon as possible and as soon as baby is young. If baby is listless, drowsy, his skin is wrinkled, his mouth is dry is that it is dehydrated and needs to be rushed to the hospital.My baby is constipated ...Constipation is a slow transit:-For babies under 6 months: less than one bowel movement per day-For babies over 6 months: less than 3 stools per week correlated with the more or less dry stools.It is possible that fluid intake is insufficient. It should of course seek the advice of your doctor for any case of constipation. The first step is to provide drinking water to your baby. Also, your doctor may recommend that you give water rich in magnesium. It is important not to over tighten baby in layers and leave a cycling time without layers and massaging her abdomen.


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