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Monday, August 8, 2011

How To Care For A Baby

Dress your baby with raw cotton 

Dress a baby in cotton clothing is really the ideal. We forget synthetic materials, they trap heat and are very comfortable for baby. If your toddler is too hot, the contact of this material could bite, scratch it. Choose lightweight fabrics and avoid the rays of sun are in direct contact with the delicate skin of your child. Choose a sunscreen with advice from your pharmacist. Choose a strong protection against UV rays to prevent sunburn. If you make him wear a hat, choose an edge wide enough and its size. Models with elastic straps should be avoided, they can compress the upper neck, chin baby.
Stay indoors during the hottest hours of the day (between 11 and 16 hours)The best protection when extremely hot, is to stay inside the house. If you must leave, take all necessary precautions to protect your little one. Prefer morning walks or evening. Be sure to remove unnecessary padding of the stroller or pram, they trap heat and prevents air circulation.
It reduces everything, even down! 

When possible, choose a different layer, lighter. Sweat band at the home may cause redness or rash around the waist. Instead, choose models of special layers for the beach or pool. Threaded like a pant, they are cooler and avoid a rash of rash or heat rash.
Make him drink more! 
Give him more often in the form of beverage feedings of water or fruit juice.
If your baby has not yet six months, only that you feed in, you do not need to give additional water. Studies in warm climates have shown that infants who had access at will within does not dehydrated. Breast milk contains mostly water, during periods of heat babies tend to go more often and in less time. With this practice, they can make the most of colostrum milk. Let your child take as many feedings he wants, he will have enough water. The bottle-fed babies may, in turn, have a supply of extra water when it is hot.
Avoid, if possible, to buy ice creams and sorbets from vendors 

Avoid food that you do not know the source (especially street vendors on the beaches). Always carry a small supply of water when you go out with your child. Invest in sealed plastic boxes to carry the baby food. Always be vigilant in case of rupture of the cold chain or in case of doubt about the quality of a product. Do not enjoy baby!
Creams, oils specifically designed for baby care 

During the summer, opt for moisturizers or massage oils specifically designed for baby's skin. Her skin is very fragile, take it in the utmost care. Ask your pharmacist or dermatologist, he will guide you to find the right product for his delicate skin.
Talc is not a barrier to heat and sweat baby 

If you are a fan of talc, be sure to wipe the skin before each scattering. Too many people are convinced that after the bath, the powder will have a cooling effect on the toddler. It is a misconception, talc, wet to the skin, can have a plaster and cause irritation. Limit its use to sensitive areas such as the area of ​​the layer. Do not overdo it and penetrate well done.
Solutions anti red buttocks 

When baby has red buttocks, it is always handy to have on hand in his toilet bag a cream of zinc oxide. Its action on the redness is fast and effective relief. We find these creams in pharmacies, please ask your pharmacist for advice.
Let your baby "experiment" water games 

Summer is the best time to let your baby play with water. You can put it in a small inflatable pool with a shallow water and her favorite toys. Let him splash the "patouille" they love it! He will love to spray all that surrounds it. Warning! Never leave your child alone unattended even seconds. In France, drowning is the leading cause of death by accident in children under 5. Always stay with him!
Attention to the air just after a bath 

After bathing baby, beware conditioned spaces. Turn on the air once it is dressed, her hair dried. If you stay with your child in an air conditioned room all day, it would be wise to dress in clothes made of cotton a little thicker. Newborns quickly catch cold when they are not sufficiently covered.
Do not let the blasts of cold air falling directly on your baby 

We always appreciate the freshness brought by the air conditioning in the house. It should however be careful that the cold air flow can not directly where baby sleeps or plays. Do not go from an air conditioned room to a room without turning off more moderate cooling in the first room before to let your baby get used to, gently, to temperature changes.

Avoid fancy sunglasses baby 

It's always fun to wear glasses fancy small. Before you buy a model, consult an ophthalmologist or optician. If you want to make him wear sunglasses, make sure they are with European standards. Avoid plastic glasses especially those sold by street vendors or in toy stores. They do not protect against UV rays and can damage your child's eyes when high exposures.


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