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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Daily Care

How To Care Your Baby ?


If you are breastfeeding, be sure to feed your child, if requested. Thus, while claiming the breast, after one hour, you will answer his call.
If you bottle-feed, space the taken at least 2:30. Do well to burp after every meal, upright, gently pat baby's back. Do not change brands of milk, without consulting your doctor.

The exchange

It is often advised to change her baby to avoid irritation. The first few months, you will change diapers, about 8 times per day. Do not use too much cream chemical cleaning. In most cases, a glove moist and a little soap will do. Otherwise, doctors recommend the use of liniment, bought in pharmacies, or done by your own care.The most common ailments of babies

Red buttocks

Red buttocks, or diaper rash is very common. Prevention, it is often advisable to change her child, and do not use harsh products.
However, if your baby is suffering from irritation, apply Bepanthen ointment type, sold in drugstores.


On the medical side, a baby has a fever if their body temperature exceeds 38.5 °. In this case, you may, at first, give a dose of  Doliprane, an eyedropper, or by suppository. If the fever persists, call your doctor.


Your baby has a stuffy nose, he has trouble breathing, coughing and perhaps he? It is likely that he caught a nasty cold. Unfortunately, there is not much to do. You will need the nose several times during the day, especially before each meal. For this, use a fly-baby, or the traditional method, by ejecting a half pipette saline in each nostril.

Colds can be transformed in bronchiolitis. If your child has lost his appetite, does not play much, wheezing, and phlegm, see your doctor. He will probably need chest physiotherapy sessions.The doctor
It is essential to keep your baby, your doctor or a pediatrician.
The first six months, it is recommended that a medical visit, a month and then less often.

The weight and size of the child will be checked. In addition, mandatory vaccinations will be administered to him.


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